A warm welcome

Hi there!

I’m happy that you’ve stumbled upon this blog, whether you’re an old friend curious about what I’ve been up to since the last time we saw each other, or someone perusing the internet for a *hopefully* interesting read.

I’m Kim and I’m currently a senior in college. In a few months, I’ll be graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in Materials Chemistry. Although I’m always strapped for time, I’ve managed to hold onto a few hobbies such as partner dancing (ballroom, west coast swing, etc.) and crafts. I’m a huge introvert that finds comfort in knitting all sorts of projects with a side of Jasmine tea, though I do love spending time with old friends and meeting new people. Given the opportunity and resources, I’d love to travel and hike more often.

You may be wondering why I’m starting this blog. A part of me also wonders why I’m doing this instead of studying for my classes and applying to graduate schools (which is a story for another time). Well, now that one chapter of my life is closing soon for a new one, I found myself reflecting on my life and the future that awaits me.

For as long as I’ve been a college student, I’ve lived day by day. If I have an exam coming up, I’ll be sure to camp out at a library for a few hours before retreating back to my suite.  I’ll schedule meetings with my mentees between classes and research. If my afternoon was free, I’d spend some time in the lab and hopefully leave without feeling too discouraged about my pending thesis. More or less, I’ve been running a constant marathon for the past few years without slowing down.

Now that I’ve decided to walk for once, I started to notice everything that I’ve accomplished thus far. I also noticed everything that I’ve always wanted to do but either never made the time for it or made excuses not to do it. The more that I poke and prod at the underlying reasons in how I approach my life, the more I see how much I’ve restricted myself from being the best possible version of myself. I’ve lived my life safely and stayed complacent to achieve a sense of security, but I have yet to reach my full potential because of my unwillingness to take more risks and try new things.

For the longest time, I allowed many of my insecurities and fears to dictate me. Being constantly surrounded by brilliant and talented students across the world often made me feel inadequate and incapable by comparison. I would never say a word in class, or even ask questions unless I was in office hours. I convinced myself that my opinions didn’t mean much, that my answers are probably wrong, that I’ll never be good enough, and that there will always be people out there who will do a better job than I will, so why even bother?

My toxic thoughts prevented me from learning, growing, and improving myself. So today, I decided to make a blog. I want to share my thoughts on an open platform because I am fully aware that what I write here can be read by others. I can receive positive comments and affirmations from readers, but I can also attract critics and people who simply disagree. Regardless of the response, I want to be comfortable with sharing my ideas, improving my ability to write, and communicating to an audience like you. I hope that building this blog will push me to grow, and perhaps inspire you to continue or start living a more authentic lifestyle. I hope to continue sharing my journey in self discovery, passions, and other related topics in this space.

Additionally, I’ve always wanted to make and share patterns that I really like on a public platform, or even create tutorials that are easy to follow along (for knitting, crochet, and embroidery). In the midst of all my future existential crises posts, I also hope to use this space to share a small passion of mine. This decision may make the blog appear to be unfocused, but I’m willing to give it a shot and bring you along my journey!

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